Directed Dreaming FAQ


What exactly is your Directed Dreaming book about?

The book on Directed Dreaming is a concise guide to an often confusing and sometimes controversial subject.  It is about making your dreams give you the answers you are looking for, so you can make certain that your goals and desires come true. When you use conscious dream control and learn how to direct your dreams in a precise and consistent way, you can control and change your destiny, because you will be given the answers you seek.  

I'm a devout Christian. Don't I need to protect myself from evil influences in my dreams?

Directed Dreaming shows you how to use a proven system to get answers from your dreams and access you intuition.  Using this system will help you control your dreams and give your mind something to work on while you are sleeping.  When your dreams are directed towards a specific purpose, your mind (subconscious) becomes very busy solving the problems you have identified.  This way, you are in control of your dreams, and your subconscious. There are no evil influences involved or called upon.

Isn't "dream work" just a lot of new age mumbo jumbo?

Actually dream control is a very old technique that has been passed down through teachings of ancient Sages, as well as through the writings of modern physicians and philosophers. The only problem with the early writings is that they are very philosophical and make for difficult reading.  That is why I decided to write Directed Dreaming – It is a more “user-friendly” version.  

Doesn't psychology teach that when you dream, your subconscious mind is just spewing up a lot of stuff in a random way?

Yes, your subconscious mind will just work randomly – like a slot machine in Vegas - unless you give it something specific to work on. When you learn how to input questions into your subconscious the right way, it no longer needs to search randomly for things to work on while you sleep.  Using Directed Dreaming, you get answers to your most important questions right away!  


I've tried dream analysis before and I just got more and more confused and frustrated. Why will your techniques work for me when others have failed?

Directed Dreaming is not about dream analysis, it is about making your dreams tell you what you need to know in order to become successful.  There is a separate book included in the package that will help you with dream analysis; In order to make the techniques work, you must be persistent and follow the proven plan.

What is Lucid Dreaming, anyway?

Lucid Dreaming (conscious awareness during the dream state) is when you are aware that you are dreaming, and just for fun, you step into your dreams and have the time of your life!  This is interesting and a lot of fun, but very different than Directed Dreaming. – You will get a chance to discover how to get into your dreams in the separate Lucid Dreaming book, which is part of the  complete Directed Dreaming System.


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